Sean Harrison
Bassist / Vocalist

The obligatory Bio...
    For more than thirty years, I've been singing and playing bass guitar up and down and back and forth across the United States, playing everything from classic and contemporary country to classic rock to tribute bands to hair metal and everything in between. I've performed with Troy Olsen, LoCash Cowboys, Johnny Paycheck, Brian Nutter, Jami Grooms, Paul Scott, Ashley Winters, and many others over the years, and it's been a great time! My primary influences when I was young included Rush, Yes, Kansas, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, and the Eagles; later on, I discovered Bad Company, Free, Cream, Thin Lizzy. I was full time on the road throughout my mid-twenties, playing 40-50 weeks per year most years, and discovering funk and country along the way (as well as a year playing with a national level Elvis impersonator). Vocally, I've been influenced by Steve Walsh, Trevor Rabin, dUg Pinnick, and just about every pop singer from the '80's. These days I'm still playing, still doing occasional short tours, and having the time of my life! Here's what I can offer:

  • 30+ years of experience - tour/road, studio, videos - any size show, from coffee house to the enormodome.
  • Fast learner, note-for-note execution, country/rock/funk/blues. Theory trained and by-ear player: off the cuff charts, last minute changes, improv, land-on-your-feet situations, on stage or off - no problem.
  • Drama free - dependable, on-time, every time. non-smoking, no drugs, no crappy beer (quality stouts and porters are fine). Pro attitude; always up, 'find a way to get it done' and let's go!
  • Pro gear - endorsing artist for Low End Bass Guitars and David Nordschow (founder of Eden) Amplifiers.

The music...
    I've played a lot of styles over the years; this is a small sample of some of the things I've recorded - some radio-ready, some demo stuff, some things from projects that I've worked in, some noodlings into the Pro-tools rig in the dead of night (or maybe the fostex, depending on how old it is). Any questions, or for more example material, please contact me! Also, note that these may change from time to time, depending on my mood, the phase of the moon, etc.
  • Rock 'n' Roll - With Kelly Holland (of Cry of Love), Tim Perry, Jon Hall, and Terry Thomas (of the Screemin' Cheetah Wheelies). 2014 saw the passing of one of the greatest modern rock vocalists of all time; Kelly Holland passed away at the age of 52, after lending his voice to songs such as the ##1 hit Peace Pipe in 1993. Kelly was hailed as the 'second coming' of Paul Rogers, and he was a monster; I had the privilege of recording a record with him in the mid '90's that was never released - all that remains is some of the stereo session roughs. This song is one that Robert Wright was kind enough to clean up for me.
  • Home Demos Volume 1 - Brian Nutter - With Brian Nutter (of Keith Urban's tour band, now an artist in his own right) and Phil Wilson. The Home Demos Volume 1 was intended to be our rock/country version of Metallica's The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited record - a series of raw recordings of new songs as performed by our trio. This is a mix/sample of several of the tracks from that record.
  • Last Days of Babylon - Blind Gypsy - Blind Gypsy was a circuit band that I was in during the mid '90's, and the experience I gained in that project has served me well ever since. For five years, Blind Gypsy toured relentlessly, playing gigs from hole in the wall bars in Ohio to opening shows with Cheap Trick. Every year we were out at least 40 weeks or more (to the point where our last record was entitled 'Never Comin' Home'). We recorded and mixed that last record in Reflections Studio in Charlotte, NC - this is one of the tunes from those sessions.
  • Goofing off with my Demeter HPB-1 (Low End LEJ-5, SIT Rock Brites, DNA-DNS-410) - just a quick track I recorded with a Zoom when I got the Demeter. I love love love the combination of the LEJ-5 and the SIT strings (Brian recommends the SIT's for the basses he builds - don't know why everyone isn't using these). The Demeter does a great job for jazzy stuff and session work, but I eventually 'downgraded' to a Tech-21 SansAmp - needed my tone to match my SA Pre/DI, and I wanted to be able to dial in that growl without turning up to 11, you know? Still using the LEJ and the SIT's, though.

Contact Me
Nothing to it! Just give me a call or drop me an email, and let's talk! Whether it's a gig, a session, a tour, a showcase, you need beer advice, whatever! If you need some references, please ask. Here's how to reach me:
Sean Harrison
Direct: 615.838.9289

Like the rest of you, I've got a ton of show pics. Here's a few - you'll get the 'picture'.

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